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Pharmacy Technician Duties to Be Performed In Pharmacy Technician Jobs

A pharmacy technician as being an assistant to the licensed pharmacist or a pharmaceutical doctor needs to perform various pharmacy technician duties during his work. The basic duties include handling the customers, helping the pharmacists to prepare prescriptions or handling different types of administrative duties.

Before talking about the pharmacy technician duties required in a pharmacy technician job, let’s talk about what type of pharmacy technicians the employers generally want. A typical employer looks for the experience the individual has, the certification and the expertise in the work. After all, they want the best employees working for them. So, you should provide detailed information about these things in your pharmacy technician resume which will increase your opportunity to get the job. Moreover, the employers like to have the employees with being organized, fulfilling responsibilities, more detail-oriented and with no charges against the drug abuse.


Pharmacy Technician Duties

Pharmacy Technician Duties

The pharmacy technician duties also vary with the different organization a pharmacy technician is involved in. According to our statistical data, most of the pharmacy technicians are found working on the retail stores. There are various pharmacy chains opening the retail stores in most of the states of United States including California, Florida, Ohio, New York and more. The prime duties of the pharmacy technicians in these retail stores are: handle customers incoming with the prescriptions; assist pharmacists with making the prescribed medication; maintain the inventory level of the medications; receive all the incoming calls; handle the administrative works such as dealing with the insurance companies and more.

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The above were the basic pharmacy technician duties a pharmacy technician needs to perform in a retail pharmacy. However, there may be additional duties also varying with the different retail pharmacies.

As the retail pharmacies have most of the pharmacy technicians employed, there are some other organizations also which employ pharmacy technicians. The organizations include mail order, hospitals and different nursing facilities and nuclear pharmacies. Each organization requires different sets of pharmacy technician duties. The mail order requires pharmacy technicians to fill out the prescriptions and send the proper medications. The hospitals and nursing facilities require pharmacy technicians to fill the prescriptions provided by the physicians, deliver medications and record all the prescriptions of the patients in day to day manner. The nuclear pharmacies need specialized pharmacy technicians who will be able to assist the nuclear pharmacists to create compounds by using radionuclides and radioactive isotopes for medication.

The salary of the pharmacy technicians averages in $24,000 annually, in which the fresh graduates earn the bottom salaries and the most experienced ones earn the top salaries. You can view more detailed information going online also.

Pharmacist Job Description Along With Duties Associated

The pharmacists are the medical personnel practicing pharmacy. One can become a pharmacist by completing the pharmacist course in different pharmacy schools in California, Florida, Illinois or any other states. The pharmacists can be found working in different private and community pharmacies, pharmacy chain, clinical hospital or pharmaceutical companies. Along with that, they may also be found working as a consultant in different hospitals, relief programs or research projects. Being a pharmacist the major duties one has to perform include offering the prescribed medicines to the customers. The medications are prescribed by the doctors and the pharmacists are not supposed to give the medicines to customers without any prescriptions. There are other types of pharmacists available such as nuclear medicine technologists who specialize in nuclear medicine.

Some of the basic duties a pharmacist has to do in any kind of organizations include:

  • Keeping account of all the medicines in store, checking the inventory level of medicines and re-ordering them if needed
  • Displaying and selling some types of health related machines such as blood pressure measuring machines and educating the advantages and use of those products
  • Explaining customers about the type of medicine, time interval for each dose and also the advantages and side effects it may cause. The pharmacists are responsible for the all the medications he provided. So, he should be careful while mixing the medicines and providing them. Along, with the basic duties, the pharmacists also have to perform other more duties which are provided in the pharmacist job description.


Pharmacist Job Description

Pharmacist Job Description

However, the duties that are required by the pharmacist job description are:

Dispensing of Medicines:

As we discussed above, this is the most basic and prime duty of pharmacist provided in any type of pharmacist job description. The pharmacists always have to dispense the correct and safe type of medicines to the customers. However, they are not allowed to provide some kind of high power drugs or medicines with the referral of the doctors.

Stock Checking:

Being a pharmacist, the individual always has to check the stock of the medicines. Check all the medicines with nearing expiry dates. The expired medicines should be disposed in the proper and safe way. Besides, checking the expiry dates of the medicines, the pharmacists also have to check inventory level in regular basis. If any of the medicines is likely to be out of stock, then it is the duty of pharmacists to place the order for such kind of medicines.

Abiding by Law:

The pharmacists should always be abided by the law which means along with not committing any type of felony charges, they should also not sell any type of illegal drugs to any type of customers or patients. So, they should maintain all the information about the legal drugs in a register.


Some pharmacists may have to perform the duties of supervising the new pharmacists working at the entry level. Along with that, they may also have to supervise the pharmacy technicians or any other staff who work as an assistant to you. The pharmacists have to explain about the available products, way of storing them and various other things.