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Pharmacist Salary in Different Organizations

The pharmacists are the medical professionals who practice in pharmacy. Pharmacy is the field of the medical science which focuses on safe and effective use of the medication. In order to become a pharmacist, one has to complete whole 4 years of graduate degree of education at pharmacy schools where an individual may have to study Anatomy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics and various subjects. To get the licensure to be Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D), one has to go through the exam hosted by NAPLEX and MPJE.

As for the Pharmacist salary, the primary thing that affects the salary of pharmacist is his experience. The fresh graduate gets the lowest of the salary and with increasing years of practice and gaining experience, their salary will also increase gradually.

Though salary greatly varies with the experience, but it is not just experience that affects the salary. The other factor that greatly affects one’s salary is the type of organization involved in. Though one has to perform same duties, but their salaries may vary due to the difference in the organization. Here in this article, we have written down the salaries of some of the organizations involved in pharmaceutical field.


Pharmacist Salary

Pharmacist Salary

Rite Aid:

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Beginning in 1962 with a single store in Pennsylvania, Rite Aid has grown its business being the largest drugstore in East Coast and third largest in whole United States. Currently, Rite Aid has total of 4,608 stores all over United States. There are 5,523 pharmacists working for Rite Aid in the present day. Judging by the rankings, an average pharmacist salary is of $20 to $63 hourly. The staff pharmacist earns yearly average of $10900 and the pharmacist manager earns salary of $57 hourly in average.

CVS Corporation:

CVS Pharmacy (Consumer Value Stores) is the second largest pharmacy chain having stores over 6,200 in all over United States. The CVS pharmacy has total of more than ten thousand pharmacists working for them currently. This organization has the stores in most of the states including Texas, Massachusetts and more. This company is based in Woonsocket of Rhode Island. The pharmacist salary in CVS Pharmacy starts from $23 to $63 hourly whereas the pharmacist team leader earns from $50 – $66 hourly.

Walgreens Corporate Office:

This is the largest drugstore chain that has been working in the United States. Having its headquarters in Illinois, this company has stores over 5,000 in all over the United States. There are more than 10,500 pharmacists working for them. A graduate pharmacist’s salary is between $37-$64 hourly whereas a pharmacist salary is $42-$64 per hour in this company.

One thing to know is that, pharmacy technicians and pharmacists are very different from each other. A pharmacist has to complete 4 years program whereas pharmacy technicians can easily get their certificate through the pharmacy technician certification courses.

How much is Pharmacy Technician Pay?

After completing the pharmacy technician course from pharmacy technician schools and passing the pharmacy technician test, you will be licensed pharmacy technician to work in the field of pharmacy. The job as a pharmacy technician is generally to assist the pharmacist or the pharmaceutical doctor. And, as you do your pharmacy technician job, you will be getting pharmacy technician pay as well.

For the pharmacy technician salary, there are various factors that affect it. Some of the factors are the degree of qualification of individual or the geographical location of work. The pharmacy technician pay also depends on the brand of industry you are working on such as Rite Aid . Also, in some places though the salary may be low, they may be providing other benefits.


pharmacy technician pay

pharmacy technician pay

The benefits are also as good as the salary or in some cases, even better. The benefits may be some sort of insurance, paid leaves, retirement plan or health care. There are also other types of benefits such as share in company profits, performance bonus, sales commissions etc. However, these types of benefits rely solely on the decision of the company that is hiring you.

If you are a fresh graduate and got a license, you can expect to have the starting salary of more or less $28,500 per year or $9-$12 hourly. This data is based upon the government report. You can eventually increase your salary as you work on as being a pharmacy technician. The government report statistics shows that a pharmacy technician with the experience of 3 years can normally earn in an average of $32,000 rates annually. And, the larger companies or industries may as high as up to $38,000 for the entry-level position of hardworking employees.


pharmacy technician pay

pharmacy technician pay

Other factors that affect is the certification or license. The pharmacy technician who don’t possess the certificate or valid license will not earn as much as the certified pharmacy technicians. Note that, the certification is not that easy procedure as you will have to go through the certification exam and various other tests such as felony conviction test and others. In United States, there are two different organizations offering the certification to the interested candidates. They are Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT).

Though the above mentioned facts do affect the pharmacy technician pay, these are not only the things that affect the salary, main and the important thing that affects the salary is your capability, skills and knowledge. Even if you have very good qualifications or in very good industry, if you don’t have proper working knowledge then, there is nothing that matters most.