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Benefits and Salary for Pharmacy Technician

For the salary of pharmacy technician, it is not just determined by the level of qualification. With the level of qualification, other factors such as realm in the state of job location (in Florida, in Texas or in Arizona), brand of the industry etc will also greatly impact the salary of pharmacy technician. Though, searching for the highest paying job is a wise choice. However, it is not only the thing that you should be contemplating while choosing for the jobs to accept. Consider also the benefits you will be getting by choosing the job as the benefits are also quite luring too. However, these benefits are not of same types in the organizations. Some might provide good benefits whereas some may not even provide.


 Salary for Pharmacy Technician

Salary for Pharmacy Technician

For a pharmacy technician job, the companies and organizations excluding the regular salary may pay the benefits which include health care, insurance policy, paid leaves and retirement plan. Apart from that, some may even provide other types of benefits such as share in company profits, performance bonuses, sales commissions and others too. If you are just a newbie and don’t have any working experience. You can expect to get average around range of $28,000 or more per year as an entry level employee. And, this is verified through the government reports. Upon more years of working, you will be getting more and more salary. It is reported that the salary of pharmacy technician who has experience of 3 years of time earns around $32,000 a year. Whereas, in some of the huge institutions, the pharmacy technicians can earn even more but you have to be hardworking and skilled. For those who are quite skilled and work hard, these large institutions pay the wages as high as $38,000 a year.

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  • Diploma - Pharmacy Technician
  • A.S.- Health Sciences (Pharmacy Technician)


Salary for Pharmacy Technician

Salary for Pharmacy Technician

One more thing is that, you can work as a pharmacy technician without being certified by completing pharmacy technician schooling course i.e. you don’t have to go through the certification exam to get a job as pharmacy technician. However, if you are not certified then, your salary will definitely be less than the certified ones. The license can be achieved by passing the certification exam. If you are not sure to pass and scared of it, you can find various pharmacy technician certification practice test offered by Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) for these purposes.

Moreover, the salary of the pharmacy technician can also defer based on the size and type of the pharmacy you are involved in .The pharmacies with the huge pharmacy chain will offer you higher earning price than the small private pharmacies.